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Kitten-mess and Two Cat Ladies // Open

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Kitten-mess and Two Cat Ladies // Open

Post by Nathaniel Wellington on Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:45 am

There was a bunch of kittens all over the place. And despite all the tries they liked to climb trees, dance around and tangle into grass and each other's legs more than just play in one spot.

And once again it was Nate doing the business. Nicely enough Tony promised to slung his butt out the door, or how Nate liked to say - drop out of that bloody bunker and join the reality.
Ally had been there but run off to some business leaving her kittens for group hug, which they enjoyed to fulfill by snuggling all together.

Now they were frantic and chaos only could stand aside with proverbial jaw dropped to the ground.
And there was reason - eleven tiny kittens doing many things at once and not bothering to look back at ones underneath their little paws.

So with a sigh Nate texted his brother to grab that thingy they put little fellas in when they are needed to be all together.

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