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Odd Man Out // Open

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Odd Man Out // Open

Post by Jonah Clayworth on Thu Sep 05, 2013 4:07 pm

Red. No, orange. Not two, but three. Were they stone or plastic beads? Stone. Definitely stone. Plastic wouldn't have choked her so easily. But why? Who would have chosen to choke her like this? She put up a struggle, that's for sure and made enough noise to have the police called. Her eyes wide with shock and the bruising on her arm showed this.

Jonah paced around the body and looked at it intently. He was wondering who this woman was or why she was even murdered. She looked normal, then again, didn't everyone? The photographer continued to snap a picture every time he looked away and it frustrated Jonah heavily, but he held his tongue.

"Take her to the morgue and we'll decipher more of what's wrong with her in a bit. I'm going to go ask around for some details about the woman," Jonah said to the other police as he walked away, heading toward the woman's family. It was a man and woman, probably her parents. "Excuse me, this girl was your daughter?"
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