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Let The King Reign

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Let The King Reign

Post by 9MAIDS on Sat Sep 07, 2013 4:26 am

"when  a king twice royal in blood and bone is born, he alone shall take up  the sword and sit the throne"
Seven years has our land been without king or queen to lead and guide it. Druid and monk shout at commoners on the  streets, each laying claim to   our damned souls. High lords and would-be kings soak good, tilled  earth  with the blood of soldiers, each wanting the power and wealth of  the  throne. Britain is divided, the pagans retreating to their sacred  glades while good Christians fear to step through their doors.

In  a time of greatest need, the son of the Dragon has returned to Camelot.  Bearing Excalibur, the fabled blade of Avalon, Arthur Pendragon  has   made a claim of blood to the throne. By way of a prophecy spoken by   Uther on his deathbed, Arthur has been declared High King of Britain,  the boy king destined to unite the country under God.

But   not all are happy with their new High King. Many who hold to the old   ways have had their lands taken, gifted to kings more sympathetic to  Camelot. Uther's Dragonguard, once loyal to the High King and his  country, have deserted Arthur, naming him a traitor - a  corruption of  his father's love for all people, Christian and pagan.

"under  the vernal sun, he will marry a queen crowned in gold, and mark the end  of the old ways in blood"

* Brand new, member driven Arthurian roleplay!
* Create original characters of your own or be inspired by any media from Chretien de Troyes to Starz "Camelot."
* Characters of all colours, shapes and sizes welcome.
* No wordcount, relaxed activity rules and no character limits.
* Join today for your very own lobbed scimitar! Who doesn't like wielding supreme executive power!?



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