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Mud Pies // ANYONE!

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Mud Pies // ANYONE!

Post by Guest on Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:08 am

Morth looked strange, she was sitting cross legged on one of the benches. She had thick gloves that were to large for her wrists, the fingers were to long and gave her the illusion of being quite small. She had a strong bad T shirt on, a picture of Trogdor the dragon was brightly colored on the shirt. The shirt was to large for her as well, it's short sleeves coming down nearly to her elbows and the shirt was wrinkled up around her almost like a dress. She had camoflage slacks that hung down crookedly on her waist, and piled up over her barefeet.

Morth flipped the page carefully, it was a big book. And it was one of her favorites, she had read it 3 times already. Daring sword fights, princes in disguise, adventure, a likable main character, even the villian was one of her favorites. The story line was pretty much a classic. It began with the main character, someone no one gave any mind to at all. She fell in love with a prince in disguise, not even aware he was more then met the eye. She only found out who he was after the villian kidnapped her, and the prince saved her through daring sword fights, and amazing risks.

Such a sweet book, she thought. Flipping the page, she sat crossed legged on one of the benches. Lost in her book she ignored the entire world around her, until someone sat down beside her. Glancing up, Morth put on a wide smile.

"ello, I'm Mud. What's your name?" She asked, leaving the book open in her lap. So she could get back to it when the person had left. The last images of the story vanished, and the world she had imaged decayed until she was in the 'real' world and not picturing a scene from the book. Making a new friend was more important then re-reading the book again anyway.


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