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Over It // Open

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Over It // Open

Post by Rose Tyler on Thu Sep 12, 2013 6:06 pm

While Rose had been trapped in the alternate universe, she had realised just how petty her personal drama was. She had thought that boyfriends, and hanging out with friends, and Mickey, and adventures with The Doctor were everything. Were all that mattered. And, it wasn't. Having her father back, and seeing her mother as happy as she was with him, it was more important then obessing over a phone and reading to much into a text that someone sent. She was done, she had returned from the alternate universe with the help of it's own version of Torchwood. One last trip, she was stuck in this universe, she had chosen to leave behind her family, leave behind her new friends to come to this universe. Because she had unfinished buisness.

Rose sat in one of the many tables in a resteraunt, waving as a waiter passed her she ordered some chips and a soda without paying much mind. She thanked the woman, and took out her phone. Absent mindedly texting a friend she hadn't seen in months, not paying the least amount of attention in the person's responses, and instead remained wrapped in her thoughts.
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