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Didn't think I'd meet you here... // Raffalo

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Didn't think I'd meet you here... // Raffalo

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 29, 2013 7:20 am

It was frighteningly cold. The wind was howling, the air was chill, yet the sky was crystal clear. Leina wrapped her coat tighter about her, shoving her shaking hands into her pockets. She trudged along the pavement, her teeth beginning to chatter. Suddenly, her stomach began to grumble and growl ever so lightly. Leina stopped dead in her tracks, realizing she hadn't eaten at all that day; it was already noon. Shrugging, the girl decided to head over to the cafe and buy herself some lunch. It had been a while since she had splurged, and she had quite a bit of money saved up. So, why not spend some cash at the greatest yet cheapest diner in London?

Entering the restaurant, a blast of warmth and a wave of familiar smells engulfed Leina. She grinned as she stepped forward. There weren't a lot of people in there that day, despite the fact it was lunch-time. The gentle scent of chicken, waffles, and much more made Leina feel more calm and at peace. She plopped down at the first empty booth and flipped open a menu. She already knew all of the choices, since she had been to his cafe so many times in the past, and she was probably going to order the same thing: Bacon Cheeseburger with Sweet Potato Fries and a few bonus Onion Rings. Now that was meal.


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Re: Didn't think I'd meet you here... // Raffalo

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 22, 2013 6:41 pm

Everyone was staring at her weirdly. While some people she passed on the street eyed her with mild amusement, like she was a joke to them. That she must be kidding in her very existance. Others stared at her with a look of both shock and instant dislike. Strange... There's not a single person here that's not human. Raffalo thought to herself and she removed her cap and tucked a black hair back into a messily tied up bun. Distracted, she put the brown cap back on while she kept up the pace. She glanced at all of the looks, her pace quickening. Why was everyone staring at her like that?! Raffalo wondered, her gaze switching quickly from each human to the others. Soon she was at a run, with long strides carrying her into a random building.

Not to many people were in the entire place, and such lovely and delectable smells attracted her attention. Everyone was to busy staring at their food to notice her, and she settled down on a random table. Raffalo turned a glance once more around the shop, she had heard of these in the history books! They were only mentioned once or twice, and she had only heard of them in practice. Opening up a menu laying on the table, she blinked at the lettering. Her eyes falling over the words uninterested. Occasionally a delicious looking picture was on the side, but she didn't really knwo what tasted to good here. Laying the menu on the table, Raffalo looked behind her towards a cute little blonde with brown eyes. She seemed to come pretty often, as she only glanced at the menu.

"Hi there, quick question.. What's good here? And... why is everyone staring..?" Raffalo asked, then it occured to her and she looked around one more time at the human faces staring at her. She had kept her voice lowered, so it could only be one last thing

"Is this a human only resteraunt..?"


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