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Let's Have Some Tea // Anthea

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Let's Have Some Tea // Anthea

Post by Patrick Jane on Fri Oct 04, 2013 8:21 am

It was a peaceful day. For a London autumn anyway. Sacramento was usually mild and dry during year, adjusting to much more rain and colder climate hadn't been easy but also not that hard once you got appropriate clothing, albeit Jane liked his usual three piece suit and brown leather shoes.
Here he often thought gum boots were more appropriate. And a rain coat and umbrella.

Today it was dry and sun was trying to squeeze through a thin layer of creamy clouds. Wind was only a warm breeze and there still was a summer feel in the air.

A perfect day for going out. And the great one for shopping.
There was some immediate need for getting new tea supplies and maybe buy new tea pot. Not that the still existing one was about to fall apart.
But there had been subtle nods from his most frequent guest that not all was immortal and one day he might need to replace his already worn tea pot and better was to be prepared.
Well, that had come from a guy who had twenty coffee mugs, seven combs, eleven remote controls and about five sets of identical clothes for each combination he wore.
So maybe considering another tea pot wasn't anything to think about. Besides, he wanted to look up some more of what British nation had offer to feed his addiction. After all they were tea drinking masters.

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