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Auxiliary Weyr {with 18+ Satellite Site}

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Auxiliary Weyr {with 18+ Satellite Site}

Post by Spook on Sat Oct 12, 2013 7:13 am

::::: 1507 AL :: 6th Pass :: Telgar Weyr :::::

The “Auxiliary Wing” is running thread drills.
With thread due any day, all dragons that can be spared are in heavy training.
Under the order of Wingfirst V'nsur of Bronze Heewith, the Auxiliar Wing completes
a complicated maneuver, then winks between in formation. It's required practice.
A drudge hurrying to get water observes the Wing disappear.
Time passes.
Too long...

::::: Unknown :: Unknown :: Unknown... :::::

In all directions, as far as the eye can see...


V'nsur steadies his dragon. Both their minds are reeling. Where are they?
Blue water meets the blue horizon, stretching out into infinity. Unsure what happened,
V'nsur gives the order for the Auxiliary Wing to between back to Telgar. But when they
emerge again from the void, they find themselves still hovering over an endless sea.
Did they move at all? It looks the same in all directions. Nothing but blue. The only
sounds are the wingbeats of dragons and the sloshing of the sea.

Panicked conversation rises among the dragonriders.
No one has ever heard of this happening before. Treading air,
the smaller dragons are beginning to tire. Green Nehabeth, grey with age,
detects a faint telepathic signal coming from the East. Should they fly towards it?
V'nsur deliberates. No good will come from lingering here. And between has failed them,
however impossible it seems. What choice do they have?

So the Wing sets off into the unknown.

Welcome to Aux
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