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Closure // OPEN

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Closure // OPEN

Post by Rory Williams on Sun Oct 27, 2013 6:30 am

Every time. Every single time Rory found someone whom he had grown to fall for, they left. For Whatever reason, it seemed that Amy had her own reasons of leaving, and now she was off snogging a detective. Now, his most recent lover, Sveta has decided to leave London for some time, and he was unsure of whether she'd ever come back. What was he supposed to do? Wait without any letters? He didn't really have a choice except for to say goodbye.

Sitting at the bar, shaking his head as he wiped his brow, the bartender had handed him a beer and he sipped at it, quite out of it from all of the fuss that had been driving him insane. He was so heartbroken now, and he felt like nothing could fix it. Svetlana was everything to him, and now she was gone. She and Amy had both changed him in significant ways and now he was back to his boring, single hospital life.

"Boy, could I use an adventure again. . ." he mumbled to himself. He really missed the Doctor. He missed the danger and excitement, as well as an adventure. He just wanted to see the universe again, battle foes, and show what he was worth once more. Everything he had done for Amy, and he got nothing in return except for a few memories that people would deem him crazy for telling, and of course, his lovely daughter who was older than him. He didn't regret any of it, but it made him miss them so dearly.

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