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A New Case // OPEN

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A New Case // OPEN

Post by Jonah Clayworth on Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:45 am

So now what? Jonah was knelt down, examining a crime scene as thoroughly as he could, trying to figure out what may have happened. Everyone was assuming that it was a suicide, but in his mind, no, it wasn't at all. There had to be a killer. There just had to. Pacing around the scene, he pulled out some magnetic powder and a brush as he began to dust for prints, for his own purpose of solving the case.

After lifting several, he slipped them into his pocket; his boss had given him permission to try to solve this case on his own, for the past several cases, he was just an interrogator. Now he was out on the field, without any distractions (like a girl who stole his feelings and ran away with them). Shaking it off, he sat down outside the home where the crime took place, trying to analyze everything in his mind.

"Jonah! Could I have word?" a man called out. He looked over to him without expression as he nodded. When the man arrived, he shook Jonah's hand quickly before smiling. "You're the detective here, right? I have some case files here for you, regarding suspects and people whom were involved with this young man who was killed." Jonah nodded as he took them. "Thank you."

"You okay, lad? You seem very distracted." To that, Jonah didn't reply. He wasn't distracted, he was irritated. The first time he had ever let someone into his life, they disappeared within a a few weeks without even a goodbye. Of course he wasn't in his normal state of mind. "Don't worry about it," he spoke. "I'll have everything ready soon." He said as he stepped away to walk into the city.

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