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Online Dating Profile Game

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Online Dating Profile Game

Post by Guest on Tue Jan 28, 2014 7:22 pm

The rules of this game is simple, just fill out the coding, IN character please! You post as the character you want to, but you have to stay in character the entire time and you can't post up more then one online dating profile per post. So, you're supposed to post up the online dating profile ONCE. Please don't repost your dating profile, but you can put in other characters you own. It doesn't matter if your character is married, dating, taken, or sold into slavery, etc, etc. For this bit of the game, your character is basically just answering questions about themselves. In their own words.

I can't stress this enough. In their own words, please!

The second portion of the game is simple, you write out the name of your character, then put in likes, or dislikes this profile. I'll show up the coding, just in case this doesn't make to much sense. You will only be allowed to put this below a profile that was recently posted, and it's just a little game to show which characters like what and their type. Don't take anything personal, and total strangers are allowed to write likes or dislikes (sort of like face book) to dating profiles, HOWEVER please fill out the coding. That way it'll look like a real dating site! You can use this topic to come up with realistic pair ups if you like. Please keep likes and dislikes IN CHARACTER. For instance, Winter wouldn't be interested in certain people.

[center][img]Picture of face here[/img][/center]
[b]Interesting facts about yourself:[/b]
[b]Personality described in 3 words:[/b]
[b]Final words:[/b]
[b]Is This Character Actually Available For Pair Ups?:[/b]

*name of character* *likes or dislikes* this profile.

[b]Is This Character Actually Available For Pair Ups?:[/b]

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Re: Online Dating Profile Game

Post by Guest on Tue Jan 28, 2014 7:32 pm

Hobbies: What a list that shall be, let me see... Sword Fighting, Hand to Hand combat, flirting, teasing, horse back riding, drinking, basically any kind of weapon training, occasionally training others, gaming, and I will often travel through time upon a passing whim with a Vortex Manipulator.
Likes: A challenge. I want something to challenge my intellect, my wits and push me to stay on the edge of my toes. I want something new every day, and I expect such. I am always up for a good flirt. I quite like violence, my sword Rynsam does as well. I also like laughing at horror movies.
Dislikes: Others telling me what to do, or saying Rynsam is not real. Commitment. Those who want a pet, and not an equal. Nothing makes me more furious then someone who wants to have someone to care for. Cowards annoy me, and I expect those around me to step up to the plate, or back the hell off. I also dislike long walks on the beach. Those who are more concerned with ethics then reality are pointless to me.
location: Wherever I please. Mostly in London, however.
Interesting facts about yourself: I like strawberries, I am sarcastic and rude, I say what is on my mind and I like a person with a bit of a back bone.
Personality described in 3 words: Sexy, Bad Ass, Fearless
Fears: What part of fearless, do you not get?
Desires: A little companionship, and a good flirt. Sprinkle a little world domination on that, and I am swooning already!
Final words: I am all KINDS of crazy. Oh, and I bite.
Is This Character Actually Available For Pair Ups?: No, I am quite occupied with The Master.


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