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Phantom Slope - Apocalyptic RP

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Phantom Slope - Apocalyptic RP

Post by PSrosetta on Sat Mar 01, 2014 3:13 pm


Welcome to Authe City, a large city-state on the vast Phantom Slopes. What was once a prosperous area has recently met with disaster. Twelve years ago, a reactor suffered a catastrophic meltdown, causing a chain reaction of explosions throughout the entire industrial district. Immeasurable resources were lost, but that was not the worst of the consequences.

Some who survived the explosion began to grow limbs, wings, or gain extra physical powers. Others managed to absorb the energy of the reactor. They became the Touched. Many of them can learn to harness the energy in their bodies to do a number of magnificent things. In order to even the playing field, a new law enforcement called Arbiters have arisen. Tensions are high as the different people groups continue to try to rebuild after the meltdown. And now, right when things are at their hardest, stories of a dark being on the outskirts of town have cropped up....

What could the Phantom be doing in Authe?


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