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Star Wars: Exodus [ZB]

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Star Wars: Exodus [ZB]

Post by SWE on Thu Mar 27, 2014 10:57 pm

"In a Galaxy steeped in darkness, where loyalties are always for sale, a veil of lies keeps the true faces of power from the people and the Sith hunt down and destroy anyone who would oppose their rule; who will you be?
Will you fight the righteous, but losing battle along the Jedi and Rebels? Hunt down the last few resistance cells as a Sith? Defy the harsh trade laws of the Federation as a smuggler? Or will you simply forsake it all and spend your remaining days in some backwater cantina?
Or will you forge a path entirely your own?

Star Wars: Exodus focuses on personal stories, rather than grand warfare between factions or some epic site-spanning metaplot so thick you'll need a meat cleaver to get through it all.
After all, roleplaying is about characters; people. You shape the story you want told, influence the fate of others and will see yours affected by the decisions of others' as well."

It's an exciting time to join us; the date approaches where that little snippet becomes the reality of the galaxy. As we leave behind the fading end months of 69ABY and enter 72ABY...a new, darker galaxy.


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