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Post by Allisson Carter on Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:35 am

Species Name: Alien (half-alien-half-human)
Which Characters Are This Species:
Anthony Wellington
Nathaniel Wellington
Allisson Carter
External Appearance:
Same as humans

Internal Anatomy list.
Body Temperature: Same as humans
Brain and other Organs: Same as humans
Skeletal Structure: Same as humans
Cardiovascular System: Same as humans

Senses: Their 5 senses are hightened.

Lifespan: They age until certain age that differs individually and then stops aging. They are generally immortal.

Abilities and Skills:
Anthony- fast healing and recovering from any injuries, telekinetic abilities, eidetic memory, heightened senses, accidentally can teleport himself and some smaller objects, is capable of producing objects suddenly. Mostly has little control of his powers, resulting sudden appearance of objects like flowers or birds. Mostly his mood affects his abilities.

Nathan- telekinesis, levitation, low level of teleportation, can produce various things like flowers and other small objects. Sometimes, when tired, isn't capable of propper control over his powers. His mood is also a factor in his ability to control the skills. When certain emotions takes over Nate can be seen walking around with whatever objects (like flowers) or things (like rainbows) surrounding him.

Allisson- telekinesis, levitation. She controlls her abilities very well and keeps training. She also has some level ability to produce small objects but she doesn't use it often. Using her abilities is energy consuming so she tries to be careful.

Biochemistry: Is any human food poisonous to them, any gases that are fatal to them (other than the ones that are fatal to humans), do human medicines work on them? If yes, just put 'same as humans'

Species History
History: Little is known about their species history.
Allisson's grand parents came from far-away galaxy and came to earth for sanctuary due to war in their original planet. There might be possbility their all predecessors arrived from the same planet once.

Domain: Unknown

Culture and Education: Same as humans

Science and Technology: Unknown
Allisson Carter

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