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Lehigh Riding Academy // Riding Academy Set In Rural PA, USA

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Lehigh Riding Academy // Riding Academy Set In Rural PA, USA

Post by Idris on Wed Dec 24, 2014 8:31 pm

Welcome to Lehigh Riding Academy! LRA is a fictional riding academy set in rural Pennsylvania state. Open for over 20 years now, the academy has made a name for itself as one of the best in the area and its expansive grounds offer training in everything from horse racing to trail classes. Of course, Lehigh is an academy, therefore making it fair game for the drama of the lives of the students and other troubles. Step inside the academy gates and discover the drama and nonstop life of the horse world, where it can come down to getting back on or being left behind even when you least expect it!

♞ LRA is completely new, so there are plenty of ways for you to take your characters! They can be anyone from academy administrators to the local townspeople living and working in the quiet nearby town of Lehigh Valley! We also encourage that you get creative with your characters! Who said they had to be from the States to ride at the academy?
♞ 150 word count
♞ We're looking to grow the community into a fun place that's open to everyone with any level of experience in both horses and role playing! With little already set in stone, we'd be happy to have you come and help us shape Lehigh into a place that's fun and interesting for everyone and to make it into a large academy where the members can come up with their own ideas for twists in the overall story line of the academy!
♞ We feature a cool new store that you can shop at using 'money' your characters earn through posting in topics.
♞ A site majorly focused on original characters; you can even get together with a few friends to create an entire social order within the academy if you'd like! What's an academy without some students that are out to cause trouble for the others?

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