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Departure Notice (Typical information, Read If You Interacted with Rose Tyler, Firebreather, or Winter)

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Departure Notice (Typical information, Read If You Interacted with Rose Tyler, Firebreather, or Winter)

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 23, 2015 12:44 pm

Dear future players :

If your character has directly interacted with any of mine, The Fire Breather, Winter Mills, and Rose Tyler, you can take or leave any interaction with the characters, whatever is easier for you and your character. To ensure Winter and The Fire Breather remained solely mine, and under the control of no one else to ensure intellectual property and true to their original intent.

Winter was deleted by my own hand, as was my right I believe. It was rather unfortunate, as most characters on this site have had an interaction or several with her, but I direly wished to ensure she was quite simply, mine. The Fire Breather was deleted by myself, as well, but her imprint will be far less.

Rose Tyler can go up for adoption, or admins can delete her and her complicated, jumbled up, time stream, it's really up to the site managers.

On the topic of players I have interacted with :

HPHD (Aka, John) – Wassup? I'm sure you're gonna explode after reading this. Ahem, let's see here..

The waffle king, having spend his entire life teleporting, turned and sighed to his companion, Syrup Man, shortly explaining he was unable to teleport further from a lack of experience.

Your welcome >XD

You can find me as White Crow in the links above, or TheBattyWhiteCrow on fanfiction.net!

Red – Cus I wouldn't be surprised if you showed up again, you're about as predictable as the doctor himself. Honestly, you're the only doctor I've known on either of these sites I've known you on, and you've been extroadinary both times! You helped me through some hard times, and if you ever want to exchange writing, or even chat, you can find me as White Crow on Freeyourselfroleplaying.com

Or you can just click the link : http://www.freeyourselfroleplaying.com/apps/profile/126237529/

The Other Colored Bird On This Site – We can start a club Smile

Now, for those of you wanting to know my reason for leaving the site, it's a compilation of quite a lot of matters.

Firstly, I'm hardly on anymore, and actually dread logging on now a days.

Secondly, I've actually grown to enjoy writing more on my own than waiting for the responses of others, and can have better control about my characters, other characters, how op's are balanced and other such important details to me.

Thirdly, it doesn't really matter my reason, seeing as I'll be departing either way Smile

As a final note, It would be unwise to respond to this message, as I'll be deleting this site from my bookmarks and not checking up on this topic further. If you'd like to keep in contact, I've provided the information to proper players. If I've forgotten you, you have my apologies, person Smile I'm simply a forgetful person.

-Farewell, The White Crow


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