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John Hamish Watson

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John Hamish Watson

Post by John Watson on Sun Jan 27, 2013 8:38 pm

John Hamish Watson
Nickname/s: N/a
Age/DOB: September 8, 1971
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Bisexual
Play By: Martin Freeman
Occupation:Medical Doctor, Ex-Army Captain.
Current Residence: London, England
Species: Human

We solve crimes, I blog about it and he forgets his pants. I wouldn't hold out too much hope.

Personality: John Watson is a man of military stature, he has a psychosomatic limp in his right leg associated with a intermittent tremor. His therapist believes he has trust issues which does appear to be shown with his love relationships when he shows more commitment to Sherlock Holmes than his own girlfriend. He is very caring and loves the excitement of the ma-cob. he enjoys Sherlock's company despite Sherlock's cold calculating nature which tends to dissipate a few times when he helps John out of trouble. Despite John's caring attribute he is also a good shooter and is able to take a force of action when he needs to.

He Does tend to get along with police much better than Sherlock Holmes however, in that sense it does help them both out. He always is near Holmes well almost always everyone needs a break every now and then. He also tends to take care of the more practical things such as cleaning or picking up the groceries. He is very protective which probably derives from his military nature. he doesn't have very many family members left which can sometimes depress him during the holidays.

History: Military Service: John joined the military after completing his medical training, signing up as an officer. He would have started off with a low officer's rank, possibly as a lieutenant at first. At some point he was put before the Army Officer Selection Board, and after being accepted went through leadership and other training courses. He served with the Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers.

Before meeting Sherlock, and after returning to London from Afghanistan, John had several medical issues: a psychosomatic limp in his right leg, and bullet wound in his left shoulder (a reference to the canon), using a cane on his right side. As well, his left hand had an "intermittent tremor". His therapist noted John had "trust issues" and diagnosed him with PTSD, the latter of which Mycroft (Sherlock's brother) later subverted, saying John is not "haunted by the war" but rather misses it for the excitement. Following a chase around London with Sherlock, John's limp disappears (and so, presumably, does the tremor).
John is also shown to be loyal and courageous, with a strong sense of personal integrity. His "strong moral principles" are likely a result of his medical training and army service. He refuses Mycroft's offer to pay him to spy on Sherlock, despite only having just met Sherlock at this time (and not knowing that Mycroft was his brother). He is willing to occasionally use deadly force, but he is only ever seen to do so when someone else's life is in immediate danger. He shows no visible signs of regretting his actions afterwards.
In the second series John is referred to as Sherlock's P.A. and is not shown working any other job. He is alluded to have had a number of short-lived relationships with women - one of whom is shown ending their relationship due to John's commitments to Sherlock, saying, sarcastically, that "[Sherlock] is a very lucky man."
The only member of John's family that has been alluded to thus far is his sister, Harriet (aka Harry), with whom he has strained relationship as a result of her alcoholism and recent divorce. During their first case together Sherlock deduced that John had refused to accept help from Harry after being invalided out of the army, even though the fact that she gave John her old phone was an indication that she wanted to stay in touch with her brother. He illegally carries an unmodified British Army L9A1 Sig Sauer.

I always hear you say 'Punch me in the face.' but it's in subtext.

Alias: Avril
Means of Contact/s: Private Message, E-Mail (Only when I am not on for a couple days or more Please.)
Other Characters: The Nomad

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John Watson
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Re: John Hamish Watson

Post by Idris on Mon Jan 28, 2013 8:22 pm

Ah, another doctor! Though, admittedly one of a different kind. Welcome, Dr Watson. It is brilliant to meet you!

OOC: You have been added to a group and are now free to rp Smile Hope you enjoy your time here with us.

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Re: John Hamish Watson

Post by Sherlock Holmes on Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:01 pm

Ah Watson, on our next case together, do not embellish the details

Sherlock Holmes

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Re: John Hamish Watson

Post by Sponsored content

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