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I woke up next to

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Re: I woke up next to

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 30, 2014 7:17 pm

Firebreather let out a small breath, settling into that warm and comfortable spot in the tangle of blankets. Heat wrapped around her, and she was already dozing back off into oblivion, only briefly wondering why she'd barely woken in the first place. The lull of the sleep lured her back into the depths of her dream, and as her eyes slide shut Firebreather was already dozing off before the thought could finish itself.

Why had she woken up at all? It was just a warm, and cuddly bed that she wondered why she would ever want to leave it.

It breathed.

Oh, that was probably why.

Immediatly, Firebreather groggily clammered off of the person. She had managed to fall asleep on a person! A whole person! She could feel a kink in her neck already. Mumbling apoligies, she hugged into the blankets nearby and wandered back into the arms of dream land.


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Re: I woke up next to

Post by Cade Foster on Wed Feb 05, 2014 7:35 am

And suddenly... wow... he could breathe again as the weight lifted off his chest...

Hmm... since when the blankets heard his thoughts, were so heavy... or spoke....

Okay, a very weird bed. Totally strange morning. And what on earth was going on?

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