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Ten's Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Timeline

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Ten's Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Timeline

Post by Idris on Tue Feb 05, 2013 1:18 am


Fighting Dummies - Yasmin Mae Collins, the Nestene Consciousness & the Tenth Doctor.
Nessie tries to take over London. Again. The Doctor is there to stop it and in doing so, meets Yasmin.
Status: Closed.

An Unexpected Encounter - Sophia Hamilton, Ianto Jones, Sebastian, the Eleventh Doctor & the Tenth Doctor.
The Doctor and his two companions are in London, investigating strange events at the local university. The trio are undercover. The Tenth Doctor meets Sophia during a class he is 'teaching' and she soon becomes part of the investigation. The Eleventh Doctor drops by to make things even more confusing.
Status: In Progress.

It is soon after this topic that Ianto Jones leaves the Tenth Doctor also, most likely to return to Torchwood with Captain Jack Harkness.

Tea In Space - Yasmin & the Tenth Doctor.
Yasmin and the Doctor have a nice cuppa tea and chat.
Status: Closed.

Soon after this topic, Yasmin Mae Collins decides to return to Earth and leaves the Tenth Doctor.

Looking For Friends - Anthony Wellington, Sophia & the Tenth Doctor.
The Tenth Doctor and Sophia meet Anthony and take him along on their adventures.
Status: Closed.

Wellington in Wellington - Anthony, Sophia & the Tenth Doctor.
The trio travel to Wellington, NZ.
Status: Closed.

Soon after this topic, Anthony Wellington is left by the Tenth Doctor in London.

Temporal Disturbance - Richard Holmes & the Tenth Doctor.
Richard meets the Tenth Doctor and goes back in time to say goodbye to his wife one last time.
Status: Unsure. Possibly finished?

Waking Nightmare - Ace McShane, Greg Lestrade & the Tenth Doctor.
The Doctor ends up in 2015 London and meets up with ex-companion Ace. The pair get caught up in a murder investigation led by Lestrade.
Status: In Progress.

In The Dark Of Night - Rachel Brown & the Tenth Doctor.
The TARDIS is mad at the Doctor and crash-lands in Cardiff Bay, tossing him out into the sea. He meets Rachel, who invites him over to her apartment to dry off.
Status: In Progress.

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