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Post by Regus on Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:50 pm

Why You Should Join Being Human : Canon & Original RP

[1] We’re a canon Being Human role-play! They’re usually very difficult to find on the Internet.

[2] Don’t watch the show? I still strongly recommend joining with an original creation. I’ve (hopefully) written our information topics in a clear and concise way.

[3] We’re a reality with a supernatural twist role-play, where you can play as a vampire, werewolf, ghost, zombie, succubus, human and medium.

[4] We have a small, tight knit community who love new players as well as guests in the Cbox!

[5] You don’t need to worry about the site dying, as I also run the 4+ years old shape shifter role-play Zoanthrope Investigations.

[6] We have site wide plots and events, which are open to canons and originals!

[7] We don’t expect you to write long profiles and posts. We prefer quality over quantity.

Visit the site and find out more reasons why you should join!

That link again: Being Human : Canon & Original RP


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