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Post by bitt on Sun Mar 10, 2013 8:31 am

In the year 4000 c.a. Earth learns that they aren't alone in the universe.

Creatures from their past, which have long since haunted their dreams, seem to be more reality than fantasy.

It is said that every myth or legend has a basic in truth. For so long, it seemed more of an old wives tale used to keep young imaginations alive. But now the truth is revealed...

The witches of the Burning Times, the vampires of Transylvania, and the werewolves of Sigmund Freud’s time had all existed yet had fled the horrors they had found on the planet known as Earth. You see, they were from a distance planet known as Caliga. They had journeyed to Earth in hopes of seeking out a peaceful ally.

They were greeted with fire, crosses, silver bullets, and hate.

Faced with these odds they had decided to return to their world and never return. However, you can’t hide forever.

In the year 3800 c.a. Earth had advanced beyond their borders and the planet Caliga was discovered...


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