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Bearing Untold Stories - Stories, Fables and Myths

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Bearing Untold Stories - Stories, Fables and Myths

Post by BUSAdmin on Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:39 pm

Perrault Beach, South Carolina is a sleepy town full of what seems to be normal people. They have families, jobs, and social lives, and if anyone was just to drive in, they probably wouldn’t think anything of them. However, this town is far, far more special than any person could ever imagine. What we consider fictional characters are real. Well, rather, they were real. They died long ago, and their stories were made as legacies, but it was just so far-fetched, so odd, that nobody could ever possibly imagine they were real. However, it’s in Perrault that all these characters have returned, reincarnated for reasons that nobody can explain and left with no memory of their pasts. Of course, it seems harmless in theory. If they simply don’t know, then nothing can come of it, can it?

There’s only one problem: slowly but surely, people are starting to remember. Nobody knows how this has happened, or even why, for that matter, but as more secrets are revealed, there’s only one real conclusion… There is something sinister at work. Thus are the lives of the people of Perrault Beach, and if they ever want to satisfy the desire to reconnect with their past, they’ll first have to figure out why this is happening. Welcome to Perrault Beach, and we do hope you’ll stay awhile!

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