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The Rise Of Angels

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The Rise Of Angels

Post by Clara Oswald on Sat Apr 06, 2013 2:01 am

Angels are appearing everywhere. They have somehow pushed their way back into reality and scattered in all time and space. They have a plan, and it's a bigger plan than anybody could ever imagine...they want to take over Earth, make humans like them. With help from an unnamed enemy, the Angels now have the ability to turn humans into statues. The process takes time, but soon, they will become fully fledged Angels. They aren't only converting humans, but also aliens and anything they can get their hands on. They want a statue world and will stop at nothing to get it...

Meanwhile, Clara Oswald is backtracking like mad, remembering her encounters with the Doctor perfectly. However, even if she is waiting for him to return 'tomorrow' to collect her, she knows something around her is not right, and has been trying to get hold of him. But just how long will it take for the Angels to take over? Will the Doctor be able to stop it?

[url=theriseofangels.freeforums.net/index.cgi?]The Rise Of Angels[/url]

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