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The Paranormal Society

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The Paranormal Society

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 16, 2013 12:08 pm

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What We Offer:

  • A multi-genre, play-by-post role-play site that accepts characters from tv shows, books, or film as well as originals.
  • A word count free site
  • Friendly and active staff ready to answer questions and assist anyone in need.
  • A zero tolerance site on OOC discrimination of any kind.
The story...
Everything was fine the night before. There was nothing amiss. You just went to sleep... and now you're here.
Where is here? Here is a city called Tioka. It has a strange name for a city supposedly in America, but that's not all that's strange about it. The natives live in a state of constant nervousness. If it's become known you're an outsider, someone not from this world, then you're accused of conspiring with the "supernaturals." In fact, you may be accused of being a "supernatural" yourself.

When inquiring about what a "supernatural" is, you realize the natives consider more than fae, demons, witches, angels, and so on to be supernatural. A man with a simple gift of super strength is labeled supernatural, or a woman with the ability to read minds. Literally, anyone with a gift of some kind is labeled "supernatural," and the natives want them gone. That's where the Paranormal Society comes in.

The Paranormal Society is an organization created solely to destroy the supernaturals, and they are ruthless. Organized in 2010, when the outsiders started to appear and the supernatural became known, they have been working relentlessly for the past three years to annihilate the supernatural menace. They even go as far as recruiting supernaturals willing to help them spot others in exchange for a normal status of life.

This leaves you with a few choices, and those are the same choices those who appeared before you made. You can join the Paranormal Society, whether "supernatural" or not, for stability and safety in exchange for hunting others down. You can try to assimilate to life in Tioka without anyone noticing you're foreign. Or you can run, run and hide. Because you're either imprisoned or dead if the Paranormal Society gets their hands on you.


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