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Memories From The Future

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Memories From The Future

Post by Clara Oswald on Sun Apr 28, 2013 3:00 am

"When you travel with the Doctor, the memories stay with you forever. If you visit the past, memories from the past. If you visit the present, memories from the present. But my personal favorite is memories from the future."

Clara had traveled with the Doctor for a year, and she was the one who found a way to get Amy and Rory back. Rory took the chance and left immediately, however Amy stayed, causing an argument with Rory and Amy, ending with Amy being confused. Meanwhile, Clara asked her to stay and she did.

The three traveled together, until they stumbled across the future and got trapped there, while the TARDIS left with the Doctor trapped inside there. Clara and Amy had to start living a normal life, hoping that the Doctor would come and save them, which he has yet to do.

Meanwhile, the Doctor has been locked out of the future, but trouble lurks around the corner anyway... A being or race that has never been discovered is making sure that things and people are dying out, or being trapped somewhere new, and people are starting to feel a lot of pain, and suffering, and bad dreams...but can the Doctor, the man there is the most trust in, fix it all before time starts dying?

[url=memoriesfromfuture.proboards.com/index.cgi?[/url]MEMORIES FROM THE FUTURE[/url]

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