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Natalia's Thread Tracker

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Natalia's Thread Tracker

Post by Natalia Barton on Sat May 04, 2013 6:44 pm

Natalia Barton

Current Topics:

  •  Nightly Cat-sitting with [Nathaniel Wellington]
  • Visiting Torchwood 6 with [Torchwood 5 and Torchwood 6 Members] {{INCOMPLETE}}
  • Topic Name: with [characters involved here]
    Completed Topics:

  • Incomplete Topics:

  • Accidental Meeting with [Svetlana Orlova]
  • Meeting a Timelady with [ Demory Dickinson]

  • Dead or Removed Topics:

  • Parting of Ways with [John Watson]
  • Happy Destinywith [Sebastian Moran]
  • Holiday with [Samantha Barker]

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