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Post by Vis Maio on Tue May 07, 2013 4:13 pm

The year is 20 BC. The last of the Ptolemies have been put down with the death of Cleopatra and her gelded, dissident ex-patriot, Marc Antony. Rome stands in its own shadow at the zenith of its militaristic power and glory, the conqueror of the known world. Yet under the heavy yoke of strict morality laws enforced by Rome's new emperor Caesar Augustus, many citizens flee to Pompeii to escape the tyranny of sexual repression for a few weeks -- some end up staying there indefinitely, seduced by the siren song of Venus-Aphrodite, patron goddess for whom the city flourishes.

A coastal city on the shore of the Mediterranean's gleaming, turquoise and tempest waves, she is arguably much older than Rome's fabled founders, Romulus and Remus; far more steeped in traditions that beat like a heart's torrid rhythm, pounding out every step in a forbidden dance of desire.

She is Pompeii. And she is an all-devouring Mistress. Mother to all form of satyr and nymph, where the wine flows freely and the Dance of Syrtos never ends.

  • POMPEII is an original, historical fiction role play
  • LOTS of canon characters to choose from
  • EASY application
  • NO word counts, though quality is essential
  • SKILL level is Intermediate to Advanced
  • RATING - Mature (Adult, R)
  • FOLLOW Pompeii on Twitter

Vis Maio

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