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Demory's Disastrous Timeline

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Demory's Disastrous Timeline

Post by The Pariah on Thu May 09, 2013 7:50 am

How Did I Get Here?
Participants: Demory Dickinson and Anthony Wellington
Demory wakes up on the streets of London after blacking out in her store in Manhattan. Confused and afraid, she meets Anthony, who lets her know where she is.
Status: Closed

High Hopes
Participants: Demory Dickinson, Sophia Hamilton, Nathaniel Wellington
Demory is having a very hard time coping with being back in London and finds herself going mad. Being homeless now, she's stuck out in the pouring rain and meets Sophia who offers her a place to stay dry.
Status: Closed

Strolling Around The Park
Participants: Demory Dickinson, The Ninth Doctor
Demory has been living in London for a week now, but her mind is still boggled as to why she is here in the first place. Sitting in the park, she comes across The Ninth Doctor--without even realizing that he's the same person as The Tenth--someone who she has been looking for desperately.
Status: Closed

Stranger Things
Participants: Demory Dickinson, River Song, Sally Sparrow
Demory heads into an antique shop to start looking for pieces to put together a scanner - something that the Doctor had told her about. She figured that something brought her to London to help her bring her Gallifreyan life back together.
Status: Closed

A Picnic on Another Planet
Participants: Demory Dickinson, The Nomad
Demory had met another Gallifreyan shortly after returning to London. She and he decided to talk and get to know each other by holding a picnic!
Status: Closed

The Plague of Steel
Participants: Demory Dickinson, The Tenth Doctor
Demory finds herself in Nineteenth Century London and runs into someone she has been waiting for, for over a year - The Doctor! Together they try to solve a mysterious plague, but Demory bites more than she can chew when she finds out past memories of her last generation and how she died. Together her and The Doctor defeat the Cybermen!
Status: Closed

A Gallifreyan Greeting
Participants: Demory Dickinson, The Tenth Doctor
Demory and The Tenth Doctor meet on top of Big Ben and share memories of their time together shortly before she regenerated. Old feelings become strong once more and the two share a kiss and decide to go on a date.
Status: Closed

The Adventure Into the 40's
Participants: Demory Dickinson, The Tenth Doctor
Demory and The Tenth Doctor go on a date to Manhattan of 1943. They eat dinner at a nice Italian restaurant and then go to the carnival.
Status: Closed

Before Your Time
Participants: Demory Dickinson, Ace McShane
After Demory and The Tenth had spent some time together, Demory decided to head into London again. While walking around, she bumps into a new friend, Ace.
Status: Open

London Bridge Is Burning
Participants: Demory Dickinson, The Master, The Tenth Doctor
Demory is strolling along the London Bridge when The Master approaches her. Scared, she runs into The Tenth Doctor, but is then distracted when the London Bridge catches fire from explosion. While the Doctor is distracted, The Master kidnaps her. The Tenth then comes to the rescue.
Status: Closed

The Last of Their Kind
Participants: Demory Dickinson. The Tenth Doctor
Demory is completely distraught because she has found out things about her past she didn't want to know, as well as that The Doctor was responsible for a lot of it. Still, she looks into her heart and knows that the Doctor did it for her protection.
Status: Closed

If I Fell Sexual Content
Participants: Demory Dickinson, The Tenth Doctor
After realizing how much she cares for The Doctor, even after all that has happened, the two have a heart to heart moment.
Status: Open

Meeting a Time Lady
Participants: Demory Dickinson, Natalia Barten
Demory sees Natalia get hurt while jogging and she goes over to help, making a new friend.
Status: Open

Running and Shopping
Participants: Demory Dickinson, Jenny, The Tenth Doctor
Demory meets Jenny, who reveals that she is The Doctor's Daughter. The three of them become close and start to bond.
Status: Closed

Live Bait
Participants: Demory Dickinson, Wendy Dickinson, The Tenth Doctor
Demory is captured by Wendy who reveals to the Doctor that she knows The Master. Demory then tries to calm Wendy down, but while doing so, accidentally shoots Wendy. Soon after, the Doctor attempts to fix Demory's TARDIS, but it malfunctions and gets caught in a vortex and tries to attack them with its defense mechanism.
Status: Closed

Participants: Demory Dickinson, The Tenth Doctor
Demory and The Tenth decide to go to the year 2513 of Berlin, Germany. Unfortunately... so have the Daleks.
Status: Open

Memory Lock
Participants: Demory Dickinson, Donna Noble
Demory starts taking therapy to help retrieve her memory. While walking around after her session, she runs into an old companion of the Doctors; Donna.
Status: Open

Destroy Me
Participants: Demory Dickinson, Winter Mills, The Tenth Doctor
Demory has snapped. Realizing how much power she truly holds, she has a nervous breakdown while Winter and The Doctor attempt to help her.
Status: Closed

Training Starts Today
Participants: Demory Dickinson, Winter Mills
Demory feels that she isn't strong enough to fight her enemies alone, so she takes on training to fight and defend herself.
Status: Open

The Wrath of the TARDIS
Participants: Demory Dickinson, The Tenth Doctor, Idris
Demory and The Doctor get back from yet another adventure, and as the Doctor begins tinkering on the TARDIS... it doesn't seem very happy.
Status: Closed

Can I Trust You?
Participants: Demory Dickinson, Winter Mills
Winter has to face a powerful foe and Demory offers to help, to no avail.
Status: [Closed

The Fatal Exchange
Participants: Demory Dickinson, Wendy Dickinson, The Tenth Doctor
Wendy has decided to trade Demory for the Doctor, in order to contain and then experiment on these intriguing gallifreyan beings.
Status: Open

The Summer Time Adventure!
Participants: Demory Dickinson, Jenny
Demory and Jenny decide to go on a camping trip on the exotic planet of Valoquin... but something goes wrong when they end up going too far past the marshes.
Status: Open

Just Out For Some Chips
Participants: Demory Dickinson, Rose Tyler
Demory enters a crowded cafe and decides to sit with Rose Tyler and the two chat.
Status: Open

Dead With Energy
Participants: Demory Dickinson, The Queen of Hearts, Winter Mills
The three girls decide to go out for a night of dancing and getting trashed.
Status: Open

Participants: Demory Dickinson, The Nomad
Demory and The Nomad go into 1880's London and discovers that whispermen are terrorizing the city.
Status: Open

On the first foreign fall of snow of the new year, the Storm would cause her untimely demise. The clock's ticking will sound and the chorus will sing as the shepherd and his sheep shall cry.

Demory's Theme
We will sing to you, Doctor. The universe will sing you to your sleep. This song is ending. But the story never ends.
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