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Bright Star Weyr

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Bright Star Weyr

Post by Tarielle on Fri May 10, 2013 5:15 pm

Defeating Thy Enemy ......

One of the strange Beasts was killed by Red Maraqueth when she fought them to save her bonded. Ialia survived her injuries, almost losing her right leg. A hunty group went looking for the beasts and found the one Maraqueth had killed. They came to learn that the beasts were actually Ancient Whers. Whers that had been surviving since the first one hatched during the Settlement many, many Turns ago. A clutch was found and brought back to Bright Star Weyr. All hatched healthy babies. There were six eggs in all, two of the six babies went Wild, the remaining four chose to bond with those they felt were worthy. They joined the ranks of the Weyr Wherhandlers.

Troubled Seas ......

Word arrived to Starshine Hold's Lord of the kidnapping of his oldest daughter, being held for a hefty ransom: two of the largest Wher Eggs that will grace the Hold's Hatching sands. The Lord Holder is aghast at such a demand, but he has no choice but to comply, or risk the death of his daughter. He has sent a messenger to the Weyrleaders of Bright Star for help. He has also sent word out that he is looking for mercenaries. He'll pay any price to have his daughter back, safely and unharmed.

Along with everything else, Hatchings and Flights have come and gone. Dragonets being taught with their Riders, with the Senior Weyrlings coming close to Graduating and joining the Wings as full Riders. Shadow Henath has finished her flight and will be clutching soon, though Candidates are needed sorely for this clutch and two more Flights that have yet to take place. Other flights are being scheduled of a non-clutching capacity, along with Wher Runs as well. A lot is happening here at Bright Star Weyr.

Do you have the courage to join and help shape the future of this uncertain Weyr's history?

What we need:
- Auditions: Two Gold Wherhandlers, one for Hold & one for Weyr
- Pirates! Yes, plot for Pirates is in need!
- Hatchings coming up!
- We need Male Dragons and Whers for Flights/Runs!
(Receive 300 marks for each one you make!)


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