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Nicknames According To The TARDIS

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Nicknames According To The TARDIS

Post by Idris on Tue May 14, 2013 10:59 am

Sweet Thief: Her darling Doctor
Army Doctor: John Watson
Blondie: Rose Tyler
Detective Boy: Sherlock Holmes
Energizer Bunny: Abby Sciuto
Fiery One: Donna Noble
Flirty One: Jack Harkness
Ice: Winter Mills
Lady Doctor: Martha Jones
Miss Red: Demory Dickinson
Nitro-9 Girl: Ace McShane
Orangey Girl: Amy Pond
Pretty One: Rory Williams
Silver: Greg Lestrade
Simba/Time Tot: The Nomad
Soldier Boy: Richard Holmes
Soufflé Girl: Clara Oswald
Squishy: Mycroft Holmes
Tea Boy: Ianto Jones
Time Tot: Caleb Evans
Tin Dog: Mickey Smith

The list will be updated every time I think of a new nickname for a new companion. So keep checking back! :3

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