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Idris aka The TARDIS

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Idris aka The TARDIS

Post by Idris on Tue May 14, 2013 11:50 am

The TARDIS (aka Idris)
Nickname/s: The TARDIS, Sexy, Old Girl, Dear Old Thing
Age/DOB: Ooh, well now, that's a bit of a rude question, really... Over seven hundred, if you really must know.
Marital Status: Enamoured with her Thief
Sexuality: Never really thought about it...
Face Claim: Suranne Jones
Doctor Who
Occupation: Time and Space Ship and the Doctor's best friend.
Current Residence: Wherever the Doctor is.
Species: Type 40 TARDIS

Biting's excellent. It's like kissing. Only there's a winner.
Personality: Despite being a machine, the TARDIS is sentient and developed a personality over the years. Though intelligent, she used to be unable to communicate in words with the Doctor, but now that he has seen her in human form, regularly converses with him via the image interface. Even when the TARDIS does not take the Doctor where he wants to go, she takes him where she feels he needs to be.

The TARDIS has varying opinions of the Doctor's companions. It considers most of them to be strays and usually can't even remember their names. She showed a dislike for "impossible" companions, notably Jack Harkness and Clara Oswin Oswald and she went to the end of the Universe in an attempt to shake off Jack and refused to open for Clara. She has a tendency to be rather petty and spiteful to people she dislikes and enjoys annoying Clara simply because Clara is impossible. The Doctor said the TARDIS was like a cat and was slow to trust, although possibly he was lying because the only other companions she showed hostility to were Jack Harkness and Charlotte Pollard. Clara once described the TARDIS as a "grumpy old cow".

She loves the Doctor dearly, affectionately referring to him as her "Sweet Thief". She loves it when he calls her his "Old Girl". She can get jealous over some companions, especially those that the Doctor loves as more than just a friend.

She has a rudimentary sense of humour, once choosing to display only images of attractive female companions to Amy Pond when ordered to exhibit past companions of the Doctor, causing him to chide her for not at least including "the tin dog".

History: "I was bored and wanted to see the universe, so I stole a Time Lord and ran away. Left myself unlocked and the Doctor was the only one mad enough to steal me. We've been travelling ever since."

The TARDIS's history is much too lengthy to go into detail. Her adventures with the Doctor are simply way too numerous. As Idris, her history is simpler.

When the Doctor, along with Amy Pond and Rory Williams, exited the then-dead TARDIS to investigate why the matrix had vanished, they were quickly spotted by Idris. She now housed the soul of the Doctor's TARDIS. Idris began manically calling the Doctor "my thief" and tried introducing herself properly as the TARDIS, but could not remember what the words were. She was quickly followed by Uncle, Auntie and Nephew, who tried to keep Idris away from them by lying about her being insane. After biting the Doctor, Idris told the travellers two things: Petrichor meant the smell of dust after raining and the "little boxes" will make the Doctor angry. When told to get some rest, Idris asked if there was an off switch and instantly fell asleep, before being carried away by Nephew. She was locked away in a small cell.

After regaining consciousness, she began rambling random things that she would later say to the Doctor and his companions until noticing that the Doctor was no longer with her; she then called out to him. Following his discovery of the hyper cubes House had been using to trap Time Lords, the Doctor released her. She then explained that House eats residual artron energy from TARDISes. As she was the last TARDIS, House possessed her former shell and fled to search for more food, with Amy and Rory trapped inside.

Idris later watched with the Doctor as Auntie and Uncle died. When the Doctor asked her if she had a name of her own, she responded that the Doctor called her "Sexy". Idris realised that her body was too weak to house the TARDIS' matrix, and she had under an hour left to live. Eventually they agreed to rebuild a makeshift TARDIS from a "graveyard" of the other dead TARDIS, while they bonded. Idris then infused the mechanical bits with a part of the TARDIS' inherent energy to allow them to follow House. The Doctor had Idris send a telepathic message to Amy with details on how to get to a backup control-room and lower the shields; having been told by the Doctor to send a message to "the pretty one", Idris sent the message to Rory, much to his chagrin.

When they got the shield down, the new console landed on Nephew and blasted him into atoms. The Doctor quickly introduced Amy and Rory to Idris. Idris collapsed, close to the end of her life. The Doctor tricked House into transporting them into the main control room. The Doctor pretended to congratulate House for defeating them.

When Idris died the matrix was released inside the control room and merged back with the TARDIS. It proceeded to purge House from the TARDIS in a battle of souls that House couldn't win. With the last of her energy, the matrix used Idris's body to tell the Doctor that, although she would always be there for him, this was the only occasion when they could talk, using her last moments with a voice to say the word she never got to say to him when he first left Gallifrey: "Hello. Hello, Doctor. It's so very, very nice to meet you." The Doctor wiped a tear from his eye as Idris' body burned up.

Now that the Doctor has seen what his TARDIS looks like in human form though, she now can communicate with him via the hologram interface.

Then you stole me. And I stole you.
I borrowed you.
Borrowing implies the eventual intention to return the thing that it was taken. What makes you think I would ever give you back?
Idris and the Doctor
Alias: Calypso
Means of Contact/s: PM
Other Characters: *points to the staff sidebar*
Member that referred you/How you found us: I created this place.

RP Sample: The Doctor was tinkering with her again. She'd crash-landed on their last adventure and he was making the necessary repairs on her. Normally she loved it when he worked on her, repaired her. She adored the love that he bestowed upon her when he did repairs. Not today. Today she was grumpy. She gave a low hum, signalling her grumpiness. It was entirely his fault that she was out of control and crash-landing. He'd found himself a new girl and the TARDIS didn't like it one bit. Sure, she should be happy that he'd found himself someone, and a Time Lady at that instead of the strays that he usually picked up. But Ginger was stealing her Doctor. And that didn't sit right with her. She'd tried various things to get rid of her, all unsuccessful. The crash-landing had been the latest of such attempts.

So yes, maybe she was jealous of this new girl. In the end it was always down to just her and the Doctor. None of his companions ever lasted long. Even Blondie had eventually gone. Good riddance, too. All that puppy-love had been absolutely sickening. He might find himself a new companion, but at the end of the day it was just him and her in this giant universe. She was his and he was hers.

The voice image interface clicked on and Idris appeared, a wry smile playing on her lips. "I remember when you used to call me 'love'," she commented, leaning on the console and studying the Doctor as she folded her arms across her chest.

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