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"The Adventure Of The Blue Box" has shut its doors here and moved to a different host. The new site can be found HERE. The admins want to thank everyone who made Blue Box amazing and gave us wonderful memories and fantastic rp adventures. We hope to see you on the new site! Members can still log in and get their stuff if they need.

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Next Generation Community - Gaming & Movie site

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Next Generation Community - Gaming & Movie site

Post by nG Owner on Tue May 14, 2013 12:48 pm


BREAKING NEWS: Now turned into a Next Generation Gaming Community forum

Year Open: May 2007



We will be debuting a new look in the coming weeks as we get set for a very exciting fresh new skin for Next Generation. We have really pushed the boundaries here with amazing gaming concept that will really get the gamer fans excited! Our designer has gone for a simple yet very effective professional look.

We will have debuting a new podcast show that will air weekly ever Sunday featuring 3 members of the Next Generation Community as they discuss; Next gen gaming, new consoles, trailers, mail bag and interviews as well as the pro's and cons of recently released movies and up-coming movies.

Now members can advertise their forum and add it to our very own Directory. Also members now have the chance to affiliate with us, placing their button in our table and vice verse!

For members who love using social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Skype, the members of Next gen can submit questions into our new Podcast that you are dying to get answered. New poll activities and contest will be available such as Movie of the Week, Member of the Month, Game of the Week and Top 10.

Wanna know whats even more fun then all of the above? Members will get a chance to now earn rewards by completing several tasks in order to get an achievement that will place several multiple images in their profiles. Over a 100 to get and some that are only limited in the new Bazaar that will be opening in conjunction to the Next gen skin!
Once more we are pushing to get an arcade page here on the site for members to pass time and hit new scores in a brand new arcade if all goes to plan. We cant promise on the arcade but we will try our best to get one soon.

There will be tons of new features, updated, info, codes, graphics and boards all in the brand new look of Next Generation and we will be posting updates for you to keep track on. In the mean time we hope you stick around to witness this awesome new line up we have in store for Version 5 as I know you and I will be excited to see! Keep Gaming, Watch those movies and most importantly Post on nG! xD

Something for the members to get excited about if you wondering.....

nG Owner

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