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How Far We've Come Game

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How Far We've Come Game

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 06, 2013 9:16 am

The rules are nice and simple, you fill in the code with the first post you have ever done, and put the second post as the one that you have done recently and are rather proud of. With any luck, you'll see a huge improvement!

[center][font=Impact]First Post Title Goes Here[/font][/center]
First Post Goes Here

[center][font=Impact]Second Post Title Goes Here[/font][/center]
Second Post Goes Here

For example, for me it would look like this...

Murder With A Side Of Coffee
Winter sighed and sunk deeper into the uncomfortable chair. He wasn't coming. Of course he wasn't she told herself angrily. Why should he? Winter leaned forward and held her face with her hands both disappointed and relieved. She ordered a coffee when the waitress asked, but suddenly the walls were crushing, confining. She needed to get out. Now.
Some of the customers noticed the strange woman who started to look around frantically. Winter suddenly shot up, and strode past a startled waitress holding the coffee she ordered.
"You still gotta pay miss." the waitress eyed Winter suspiciously. "miss?" The waitress reached out and tapped the unresponsive Winter's shoulder.
Winter growled like a beast and slapped her hand away. She spun around eyes flashing. Winter knew this was going to end badly, for the humans in this resteraunt. Someone rose up from their table...

The Mansion That Never Was
Winter very apparently was stuck, again. She had been testing her newly repaired vortex manipulator when it not only took her to the 1800's but fused the circuits together permenantly when she landed. If she didn't find a new vortex manipulator or another method of time travel she would be forced to stop her many adventures, for good. Her companion, turned noticing her distress. Winter cracked a false smile to put him at ease, her mouth coverings were down, hanging around her neck so he could see her teeth, at his insistance. Over the years she had learned simply to humor him. Besides, no one was around and it put him in a better mood.

Seeing though it her rolled his eyes and playfully pushed her. Laughing Winter looked over with a shrug.
"What can I say Makeye? Your mere presence leaves me speechless" She joked sarcastically, snorting he placed his forelegs forward and bobbed his head low in a bow. Winter smiled, Makeye always could cheer her up. The white haired woman walked beside the silver stallion both veiwing the other as equals. A robber sprinted towards Winter, looking for an easy hostage as a way out of being arrested. Winter caught the man's arm, twisted her foot underneath his and threw him to the ground easily. Using one hand she covered her mouth as she spoke.

"Makeye, sit." Winter commanded, snapping the fingers on her other hand and pointing to the ground. Makeye plopped down, sitting like a dog, crushing the man's back. His head barely visible looked up to to Winter pleadingly.

"Get this thing off of me!" He wailed, tying her mouth coverings back into place Winter feigned surprise.

"Oh my. Naughty horse! Naughty!" Winter sarcastically scolded makeye, shaking a finger at him. Rolling her eyes she leaned against Makeye adding her own weight to the man's back.

"I cannot take him anywhere, really." She complained sarcastically watching the man squirm beneath the horse with a grin.

Hearing the TARDIS materilize Winter swore. she didn't trust the oncoming storm, on no account would she put Makeye at risk. Clicking her tongue she motioned for Makeye to rise and take shelter, until she told otherwise. Quickly he ran off as quietly as a shadow. The robber looked up to Winter then simply lay there. Winter frowned and turned to see the oncoming storm talking to a newsboy, distracted. Seizing the oppurtunity Winter stayed in the shadows, ducking behind buildings and staying out of sight. Creeping past him quietly she thought she was home free until she went a little ways past the TARDIS. As she passed the TARDIS it let loose a loud ringing noise, groaning Winter looked back at the TARDIS.

"Idris..." Seeing that the oncoming storm noticed her, she sighed to herself.

"Greetings, Oncoming Storm."


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Re: How Far We've Come Game

Post by Idris on Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:31 am

First Day // Meet Miami Justice RP
With a soft ping the elevator doors opened wide and Madison stepped into the lab. People walked by her wrapped up in their own business, while she waited for either Horatio Caine or one of the senior CSIs to show her around. She flicked her fringe out of her eyes as she waited, watching the workers and missing her old colleagues in Vegas.


It's A Party In Th- On Baker Street?!
Baker Street was much too eerie for Amy's liking. Ignore the fact that it was 3am, the stillness of the place reminded her way too much of near-death-experiences during her travels with the Doctor. That was how it all started; the calm before the storm. Amy started humming, a tune that she'd heard at the bar. The redhead had been avoiding home all evening. The drinking had been to forget her argument with Clara. Three drinks turned to many until the kind bartender was offering to call her a cab home. Amy, however, had decided that a long walk to clear her fuzzy head was the best thing to chase away her intoxication. 

Half an hour later, she found herself on Baker Street and was now planning a one-woman karaoke party to ward off the uneasiness she felt as she zig-zagged down the street, searching for 221. One house passed after another and soon Amy was done with just humming. "So I put my hands up, they're playin' my song, the butterflies fly away!" The redhead began to sing, the drunken melody filled the empty street and Amy grinned as she heard her Scottish lilt echoing off the houses and back to her own ears. "Noddin' my head like "Yeah!", movin' my hips like "Yeah!"..." She illustrated the lines with a twirl, which resulted in her almost falling over. But she managed to catch herself just in time and right herself.

"So I got my hands up, they're playing my song and now I'm gonna be ok. Yeaaaaah, it's a party in the U...K! Woooah, yeaaah, it's a party in the UK!" Having finished this lonesome karaoke just as she arrived at Sherlock's flat, she stumbled over to his door and proceeded to bang on it. "Sherlock!" she sing-songed, grinning from ear to ear before banging again. "Open up! Before I begin verse 2!" That should make him run, she thought with a drunken grin. "And trust me - I can go all night here!"

Holy. Crap. I knew I'd come far but this is just....this is just wow. Not only in terms of length but also descriptive quality. I really have come a long way in two years...

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Re: How Far We've Come Game

Post by Clara Oswald on Tue Sep 03, 2013 8:31 am

Out Of Time
Miranda slowly walked down the corridor. Her eyes moved briefly to examine a group of people to the side of the hotel lobby. They giggled and whispered and pointed at her, but when they realized she was watching they stopped and turned away, some of them even going red. A smirk passed Miranda's lips as she exited the hotel.

It didn't take her long to get to the shop across the road. Well, not really a shop. It had coffee and food and TVs. Like a smaller version of a restaurant. She sat at a table and waited patiently, tapping her red nails on the table. Miranda looked up, and her eyes met with someone's she knew very well. Her own brown eyes widened and the content smile she had been wearing dropped from her lips. "Hello, Jerry." she said, and her voice cracked. A few moments later, Miranda lost it, and she did something that she hadn't done in a long time. She started crying.

Got You To Rely On
Clara Oswald ran home, her shoes slamming horribly on the ground as she did. Her heels were clicking against the pavement on a massive scale, and tears were pouring down the brunette's face. Her hands fumbled in her bag, grabbing her key as she ran into the apartment block. She dragged herself (her pace still quick but not running any more.) up the stairs and finally she got to her apartment. Letting a sob escape her lips, she fumbled with the key until finally she got it into the lock. It seemed to take all of her energy but finally she got the key to turn and she pushed the door open. She threw her key and her bag away, and they landed beside the sofa. She stepped into her flat properly and let the door slam shut behind her. Makeup was running all over Clara's face, her hair was messed up and she felt (and sorta looked) bedraggled.

For the first couple hours, Clara couldn't do anything. She'd only just managed to drag herself to the sofa before she fell onto it and cried and cried and cried. Her eyes were sore, her hair was frizzy and more messed up than before, and her makeup looked worse. She was lying on the sofa, curled up in a ball, still wearing her evening outfit, shoes and all. The smile that usually brightened Clara's face, the mysterious and sometimes flirty eyes...all of that was gone, and the look on her face now made it seem like they weren't ever going to come back. She wrapped her arms around herself, her sobs from before having resided by now. Silent tears were still falling down her face, though. She'd thought she could forget...how the ruddy hell had she ever imagined that? Moving on wasn't going to be easy...and plus she hadn't even told any of her friends yet!

Finally, after around two whole and long hours of just lying there, Clara shifted herself. She reached for her landline phone. Once she had it, she settled back into her lying down position and dialed a number she knew really well. She put the phone to her ear, breathing in and out shallowly. She wasn't ready to talk but she had to. Clara Oswald could not hold her feelings, her rants...she couldn't bottle her feelings up and hold them in any more. There was only one person she wanted to talk to right now...and that person could hopefully help her. Clara licked her lips, and she said only four words into the phone when it was answered. "Sveta... I need you." those words left her lips and Clara couldn't help but sob a tiny bit as they did. She was finally going to actually talk to someone...and it was scary.

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Re: How Far We've Come Game

Post by Anthony Wellington on Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:59 pm

First Post
Shattered Memories- Meet Miami Justice RP
Ryan was sitting alone in his living room. The
faint sound of music echoed through the
It was very sad day for the team. They have
lost one of team members. The one he finally
could call a friend.
Of course Jesse wasn't his only friend, he had
Walter and Michelle.
Michelle was newly arrived and immediately
accepted Ryan as her mentor. He could feel
this somewhat weird sensation, almost like
connection with the young woman. And he
couldn't forget her face when she rushed into
Lab after the incident...
Second Post
Knight In Shining Heels
oped or not, but still enough awake to hear,
and feel. "Owwy! That one I felt. But to not
feel again I'll stop criticize myself." he sorta
promised. Then a thought occurred "You're
not friends with my twin, right?" he asked
with a suspicion. Natty tend to bang him on
head or whenever every time he disagreed to
what Tony often said about himself, like now.
At first he wondered if he was dreaming, then
he blinked his eyes open enough to see Winter
talking to some device. It sounded much like
Doctor had done with his flying home when he
happened to travel along to a place called
Wellington. He let a grin on his face at the
memory and current similarity.
And moments later they were somewhere that
looked like his home and all. Right, they just
teleported here- alien made a mental slap at
his dopey brain for thinking too slow.
"No sayin' 'bout fragile humans. I know
one pretty tough for his own mind. I jus'
want'd to talk you in stayin' at my "plaza"
and not leave me so alone." Tony explained
and even added an expression that probably
qualified as a doped pout. Besides, he
startingly noticed, kittens were back.
Scooter, the tri-color bag of mischief, suddenly
appeared from under the box that dubbed as
table with a loud meow, eyeing the situation.
Alien grinned at some random hilarious
thought that floated up and swirled through
the mess that usually was his mind.

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Re: How Far We've Come Game

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