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Winter's Timeline

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Winter's Timeline

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:35 am

Murder With A Side Of Coffee - Greg Lesterade, Winter Mills
Winter goes to meet a friend, who stands her up. After being arrested, she tries to prove that he has no right to arrest her by telling him that she's an alien.
Status: Unfinished

Lost In London - Luke Smith, Winter Mills
Winter finds a lost little boy, and decides to help. After causing more harm then help she decides to make it up to Luke by making sure that he finds a new home.
Status: Complete

Have You Seen A Madman? - Wendy Dickinson, Winter Mills
Winter decides to teach Wendy how cruel her heart has become. She convinces Wendy to give up an item of sentimental value, and does not fulfill her side of the deal. Trying to show her on last time how far her ideals have fallen from the truth
Status: Unfinished

Intergalactic Tea - Ace Mcshane, Seventh Doctor, Winter Mills
Winter bumps into Ace in a shop in the middle of a strange planet. After a quick conversation Winter gives Ace some advice on how to locate the Seventh Doctor. Becoming bored Winter left, and found herself in a muesum where The Seventh Doctor appears as she predicted. After Ace reunites with The Seventh Doctor, Winter is mesmorized by his apparent 'magic' but expresses a dislike to the doctor for reasons unknown.
Status: Unfinished

Meeting A Potential Friend - Remington Scott, Winter Mills
After a bar room brawl Winter is injured but refuses help from anyone. Remington Scott stubbornly helps her out, despite her obvious Torchwood dislike. After giving her bandages Winter leaves, accidently leading him to her temperary home in a construction site. Concerned Remington Scott invited Winter to stay with him, where she accepted. Finding she liked his attitude, and his stubbornes she adopted a new nickname for him 'Scotty Boy'
Status: Complete

Being The Hero For Once - The Dream Lord, Winter Mills
Winter proves just how amazing and out of the ordinary she is, when she untangles herself from the dream lord's web of illusions. Winter in the mean time searches for missing models, and kills a mob boss leading to heavier consequences.
Status: Unfinished

Please Help Me - The Nomad, Winter Mills
After killing a mob boss Winter became known as a higher power above the bosses themselves. She heard a tale of a boy, who she took great interest in. Upon her arrival she killed the boss, and freed The Nomad.
Status: Unfinished

New Roommates - Luke Smith, Remington Scott, Winter Mills
Luke joins into the house with Winter and Scotty Boy, to Winter's delight. They decide how to spend the day, while Winter has some other ideas of fun.
Status: Unfinished

The Planet Of Eden - The Tenth Doctor, Winter Mills
Winter finds herself on a planet standed, which confuses the doctor. She answers none of his questions, instead teasing him and dodging the questions. She expresses an extreme dislike for him, and refers to him as The Oncoming Storm.
Status: Unfinished

Texting Svetlana - Svetlana, Winter Mills
Winter texts Svetlana drunk penguin pictures that she wanted when they were drunk together. Finding that Winter was a terrible driver, Svetlana takes Winter's keys. Leaving Winter to hot wire the car herself.
Status: Unfinished

Destroy Me - The Tenth Doctor, Demory Dickinson, Winter Mills
Winter finds that she lacks the communication skills to cheer Demory up, and finds that the two are drifting apart. Winter accidently slips up about her past, and is hurt by her reaction.
Status: Unfinished

An Unlikely Friendship - Maria Jackson, Winter Mills
Winter comes across a woman who is closer to Luke Smith then she is. And she gets a little bit jealus, but decides she likes the woman when she notices her crush on him.
Status: Unfinished

Training Starts Today - Demory Dickinson, Winter Mills
Keeping on her promise from 'Destroy Me' Winter trains Demory, and tries to reconnect with her on-and-off friend. Her teaching styles are hard core, and ruthless but they get the job done.
Status: Unfinished

Dead With Energy - Demory Dickinson, The Queen Of Hearts, Winter Mills
Winter decides to spend a night partying with Demory, and The Queen Of Hearts in a local club.
Status: Unfinished

Visitor Unexpected - Remington Scott, Winter Mills
One of Remington Scott's wife's friends comes over, and blames Remington for her death. Winter defends Remington Scott and decides that despite being Torchwood she would trust him after a hilarious game of truth or dare.
Status: Complete

Give Me Adventure - Idris, Winter Mills
Winter meets Idris, after an adventure that left Winter bored. Once introducing herself Winter becomes friends with Idris despite the fact that Winter dislikes the Doctor while Idris cannot see why.
Status: Unfinished

Shall We Ride? - Idris, Winter Mills
Winter convinces Idris to go horseback riding after the two have a little fight. Idris takes a liking to one of the horses, calling her 'velvet tickles'. Winter is shown to have quite the bond with one of the horses, calling him 'Makeye'. Idris finally discovers what Winter is, and surprises Winter with her reaction 
Status: Unfinished

During this topic Winter breaks her perception filter, so she appears to have white hair instead of brown from here on out.

Trouble Makers - The Nomad, Winter Mills
Winter bumps into an old aquantice in the junkyard.
Status: Unfinished

Shortly after this, Winter is asked by Captain Jack Harkness to command a new Torchwood located under Big Ben. She recruits a second in command, The Illusionist and has Remington Scott transfered to her Torchwood.

My Manly Men Of Torchwood - The Illusionist, Winter Mills
Winter has a hard time settling into her new role of leadership. A piece of pottery comes out of the rift, and Winter believes that it is more important then it appears. As her first Torchwood case, she gets highly stressed but doesn't want help from anyone.
Status: Unfinished

Hustling And Bustling - Merry Galel, Winter Mills
Winter notices Merry Galel, who reminds her of her own deceased daughter.
Status: Unfinished

The Masque Of Red Death - The Master, Winter Mills
Winter dresses up and uses her not so trusty vortex manipulator to travel to Pre-Revolutionary France, 1648. Where she meets someone who's as stubborn and ruthless as she is.
Status: Unfinished

Lunar Shadows - The Tenth Doctor, Winter Mills
Winter travels to the first moon colony, much to her own surprise due to a malfunctioning vortex manipulator. Finding herself stranded, she comes across the doctor and the two face the Vashta Narada. With the doctor's help they trap the Vashta Narada on the moon itself. Winter speaks a language he does not understand, causing some alarm and once again dodges his questions.
Status: Complete

Gone Like Smoke - Remington Scott, Winter Mills
Winter never intended to stay with Remington for long, only long enough to convince him she didn't need his help. Finding how attached she became to him, Winter leaves much to Remington's alarm. Winter crashes a car and injures herself, bringing some media attention. Which told Remington where she was, upon finding her he attempts to calm down a delusional Winter. Once calm, the two go back to his house and Winter decides that she would try harder to trust Remington, and treat the building as her home.
Status: Complete

The Mansion That Never Was - The Tenth Doctor, Winter Mills
Winter's vortex manipulator takes her on one more trip before going offline permenantly, leaving Winter stranded in the Victorian Era of London. Winter at first has Makeye as her own companion, but tells him to leave due to her uneasiness around the doctor. She and the Doctor go to investigate a mansion that appeared out of nowhere.
Status: Unfinished

A Handed Murder - Newton, Winter Mills
After a murder, Winter is reminded of herself when she meets the killer.
Status: Complete

The Concors - Mickey Smith, The Tenth Doctor and Winter Mills
Winter's vortex manipulator leads her into danger, and she finds herself a companion once again. She finds cruel irony that the aliens they are against treat humans as humans treat cattle.
Status: Unfinished

Can I Trust You? - Demory Dickinson, Winter Mills
Winter and Demory's decaying friendship is put to the test when Winter. Winter gets a letter from an old enemy, and decides to try to talk to Demory about it. Demory attempts to persuade Winter to let her help, but doesn't seem to listen to Winter's side of the story. Refusing to allow any of her friends to become anything like Winter herself Winter leaves, but decides to fight Hinute herself instead of simply drawing Hinute off and dueling her.
Status: Complete

Personal Demons - The Illusionist, Winter Mills
Winter decides to say goodbye to an old friend in case she lost the duel. The Illusionist, like Demory offers to fight with her but she refuses. Believing he did not understand her arguement Winter storms off, where The Illusionist follows her outside the bar. Winter finally trusts him enough and shows him why she wears the mouth coverings, though the two continue to argue about whether he can help her or not. In the end, The Illusionist uses a time lord trick to ensure that Winter would return but seems unsure. When he announces that she can do nothing to stop him, Winter cleverly tricks him into believing he would be unable to get to the dueling area.
Status: Possibly Finished?

Sometime after this, The Illusionist disappears

A Trillion Year Old Immune System - Richard Holmes, Winter Mills
Winter becomes ill, and meets a man lost in time. Though she doesn't take an instant like to him, she is glad for someone to rival her intellegence for once.
Status: Unfinished

The Masque of Red Death - The Master, Winter Mills
Winter meets The Master in an alternate universe in pre revolutionary France.
Status: In Progress

Vulnerable - The Tenth Doctor, Winter Mills
Winter attempts to tell The Oncoming Storm something, to which he misses the oppertunity.
Status: Unfinished, but closed.

Tricky Bets - Anthony Wellington, Winter Mills
Winter meets Anthony Wellington when she is being pursued by the police. She takes a liking to him, and she watches horror movies at his house until she gets a text that interupts her.
Status: Finished

A Ticking Clock - Remington Scott, Winter Mills
Torchwood 6 is under attack when a mysterious threat attempts to use the ostahargen key against the planet, decieving UNIT.
Status: Complete

A Dark Side - The Master, Winter Mills
Winter finally meets The Master, and is disappointed in his plans. She claims to not understand why The Doctor had so much trouble with him when he reappeared.
Status: Complete

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away - Siren, Winter Mills
Winter discovers for herself effects of a bad regeneration have had upon her old friend Demory.
Status: Unfinished

The Toughest Love There Is - Remington Scott, Winter Mills
Winter trains Remington Scott to better defend himself in battle.
Status: In Progress

Mario Who? - The Tenth Doctor, Winter Mills
Winter's repaired her vortex manipulator for the last time, and glitches in it's programming teleport her into a video game to which The Doctor follows her.
Status: Complete

Knight In Shining Heels - Anthony Wellington, Winter Mills
Winter is disguested to discover that an old version of Torchwood has kidnapped on of her allies. After disguising herself, she enter the Torchwood base and saves the boy. Later it is discovered she was injured, and she teleports him back to his building after helping him with his injuries.
Status: Complete

My Story Is a Long One - Remington Scott, Winter Mills
Remington finally gets some answers from Winter, and the two become engaged in this topic.
Status: Complete

Little Imperfections - Remington Scott, Winter Mills
Winter gets second thoughts, and she tries to tell Remington about something private. To which he misses the oppurtinuty, and walks away on an errand leaving Winter hurt.
Status: Complete

A New Face - The Eleventh Doctor, Winter Mills
Winter doesn't trust the newest regeneration of the doctor, and blames him for Demory's changes.
Status: Unfinished

The Cyber Mausoleum - The Tenth Doctor, Winter Mills
Winter pouts when The Doctor is distracted by a danger and pushes her.
Status: Unfinished

Back After Running Off - The Illusionist, Winter Mills
Winter's mind splinters, and she begins to see a familiar hallucination by the time The Illusionist returns from his travels. Winter expresses extreme anger and distate towards him for not taking her with.
Status: Unfinished

Consequences - The Tenth Doctor, Winter Mills
Winter is horrified to learn that the doctor dwelled more on past losses then those he saved. She insults him frequently upon arriving on the Titanic, claiming that he was a coward who searched for excuses to allow another's death. in the end, she convinces him that fixed points just require more thought and don't need to be left entirely alone.
Status: Unfinished

Be My Companion - Th Master, Winter Mills
Winter travels to a planet fabled to have a forest that learns. Though at first it seems almost peaceful, a new danger lurks.
Status: In Progress

An End To A Good Thing - Remington Scott, Winter Mills
Remington and Winter break up, despite this Winter works to help him when he is injured by the teleporter he used in 'A Ticking Clock'
Status: In Progress

Three Selfish Players - The Tenth Doctor, The Master and Winter Mills
When The Master returns for his ArkAngel network, Winter is in danger when she is the only one to have the key. When The Doctor appears, the stakes are raised even higher.
Status: In Progress


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