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I Am A Challenging Woman, One That Enjoys A Game Or Two

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I Am A Challenging Woman, One That Enjoys A Game Or Two

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:25 pm

Barbed Fences Opened Up Wide
Rules: The rules of this game is simple, Winter will ask a question and the opposing person will answer it completely and honestly or Winter will penalize the opponent. The quality of the answers matter, as Winter will often match it with her own when it is the opponent's turn to ask the question. The game often ends quickly when the opponent asks a question Winter does not wish to answer. She will penalize if the opposing player calls the game off, claiming that it is her game and therefore her rules. The questions will be related to a theme, when Winter asks a question it has a theme behind it and the opposing player must match the theme with another question. For instance...

Opponent: "Do you trust me?"

The theme is trust, faith or friendship. Winter will match her question to the said theme and it is the opponent's turn again. If the game is played skillfully, the opponent can learn interesting secrets from Winter. Winter will only offer this game when she wants to know something about the other person, once she discovers the secret she will end the game so be sure to manipulate the conversation with care.

Available to: Scotty Boy, and Ace Mcshane.

Barbed Wires Around A Glass
Rules: This is more appropriately nicknamed 'Barbed Fences Opened Up Wide Edition II' the rules are very similar to the first edition. Winter will ask the first question, which has a theme behind it. The opponent will respond with an answer that is truthful and Winter will match her response to the quality of answer. The theme behind the questions continue from question to question but the difference is that both players have a bottle of alcohol, of their choice. When the opponent answers, then Winter would take a drink depending on how interesting and surprising the answer was. The amount that is drunk is up to the player, but Winter will grow impatient if the opponent is not playing fairly.

Available to: The Master only

Riddle Me This
Rules: When someone directly confronts Winter about dodging questions, Winter will start this game. Winter will challenge the opponent to a riddle, if the opponent can answer her riddle she will answer one question that the opponent asks. Winter does not put a limit to the amount of riddles that can be challenged, but she is always the one asking the riddle. Her riddles are very hard, but using Google counts as cheating. Ask your friends, or ask her for a hint. If asked for a hint Winter will provide up to three, each time her responses will become more and more vague if the riddle is answered.

First Hint - Vague hint, but no penalty to the final answer
Second Hint - More detailed hint, but a small penalty to the final answer
Third Hint - Final hint and is very plainly hinted, large penalty to the final answer but she will still answer the question. Although cryptically.

Available to: Anyone, at any time can challenge Winter


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