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The Darkness Is Coming // A post Fable 3 RP

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The Darkness Is Coming // A post Fable 3 RP

Post by Idris on Wed Jul 24, 2013 7:07 pm

  • Just opened so plenty of canons available (like ghost Major Swift or ghost Sir Walter)!
  • 150 word-count.
  • Open to rpers of all experiences.
  • Active and friendly admins.
  • Fortnightly 'quest' rp challenges.
  • Original characters are more than welcome, as are Balverines and ghosts.
  • Creatures such as Hobbes and Hollow Men are available for use in threads, as well as mercenaries.

It has been several months since Albion's defeat of the Crawler. Life in the kingdom is slowly returning back to normal. But just when the new queen thought her kingdom was finally safe, she receives a visitor from Theresa, hinting that there may be another attack from the Crawler. Will Albion manage to survive another attack or will the kingdom perish?

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