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Tattle Tale // Newton Neil Nyrret

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Tattle Tale // Newton Neil Nyrret

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 30, 2013 9:51 am

Winter yawned, trailing a foot on the ground as she slowly spun in the swivel chair. She was in her Torchwood base, she was commander of the newest Torchwood branch. She still worked for Jack, often filed paper work so that the Torchwoods were connected, but she had yet to find a use for her new found job. She had yet to complete a mission, had yet to make the Torchwood she was supposed to run important. Bah, 'tis to much pressure. Winter thought, spinning slowly. A break, how much fun that would be. Winter chuckled, her smile dropped as she looked up to the blinking computer. Quickly, she dropped her leg completely, coming to a sharp halt in front of the computer.

Winter had set up a system that sent up red flags when suspicious deaths were discovered. Especially people she knew were in the mob, or orginised crime. Winter started to quickly type, someone had been looking her up. Some one had been trying to investigate her!

"Vashidan!" Winter swore, leaning forward she started to follow the search. Who ever it was, they had to go to on old friend of hers. He was the only lead, she had know him from the first year she had arrived on earth. They had not spoken since her second year on Earth, and he had quite the chatter box. Often announcing any secrets he had learned and unfortunatly.. Winter thoughts as she spun to face the door and leapt up from the chair. Tying her mouth coverings as she ran past, she snatched her vortex manipulator off a nearby desk. Her old friend knew some of her secrets, she had to stop who ever was going to meet him. She had to stop whoever it was, fast. In mid step, she put a hand on the vortex manipulator and teleported to her old friend's place of residence..


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