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Knights of Tomorrow (realistic DC site)

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Knights of Tomorrow (realistic DC site)

Post by DCKnight on Tue Aug 06, 2013 9:14 am

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Realistic DC RPG, based on The Dark Knight Trilogy and Arrow's approaches to the DC lore.

No word count.

Many open characters.

Friendly staff and membership.

Easy and simple rules.

Our Plot:

Gotham. A city wrapped in decay, a city ruled by fear, by crime. The mob boss Black Mask rules with an iron fist, while the Maroni and Falcone crime families serve under him, and the mysterious Court of Owls simply mock them for their beliefs that they hold any real power.

Starling. A city which has pushed its poor and criminal elements aside, and is plotting to murder them all for the sake of the city's prosperity.

Cities in danger, cities cloaked in darkness and filled with crime, filled with despair. Cities in need of those willing to fight for them.

Billionaires Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen have returned to their cities after training, becoming vigilantes in attempts to save their beloved cities. But with the rise of vigilantes comes the rise of more villains, those who have made it their missions to kill these "heroes", those who are criminally insane.

As more vigilantes, more "heroes" rise in their own cities, they fight for their secrets, they fight for their cities, they fight for justice.

They are the knights of tomorrow.


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