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The Moment We Knew Was Coming ~ Amy

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The Moment We Knew Was Coming ~ Amy

Post by Clara Oswald on Mon Aug 19, 2013 12:49 am

Clara hadn't wanted to. As soon as Amy had texted her mind exploded into protest, but hell, she couldn't help it. Long after she stopped texting she lounged around thinking. Finally, she got up and went into her room, stepping out of her pyjamas and into a fresh outfit. She brushed her hair and her teeth, and tied her hair into a simple ponytail. She put on her day-to-day makeup; mascara, a little eyeliner, a bit of lipgloss. She sent Amy a text; Will be at the local park in five. With that, she left her apartment, leaving her phone behind as she went. She had to at least look like she hadn't been moping the past few days. She didn't want to be deemed as pathetic, honestly.

When Clara got to the park, the first place she headed was the swings. Swinging always made her calmer, for whatever reason, and so when she sat on the swing, she held onto the chains. She began to swing herself gently and slowly, closing her eyes against the rush of air she felt when she was doing so. She realized it was a lot easier to swing when she wasn't wearing a skirt. It was weird that she wasn't wearing one but it didn't really matter. Clara felt like she'd be begging for Amy not to leave her if she wore a skirt. For whatever reason that was. She bit her lip, wondering if Amy was actually going to show.

Sherlock Holmes. Even the name made Clara growl under her breath. It wasn't fair at all. Why had he come back and ruined everything? It was already ruined, Clara, her mind reminded her. Clara frowned. Why did she have to fall for Amy? How many people knew this was going to happen? Tears welled in her eyes but Clara forced them back, not wanting to make her makeup run and not wanting to start crying. If she did, soon enough she'd be bawling. she bit her lip more fiercely, still frowning as she swung back and forth on the swing. Life was never going to be simple, huh?

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