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Can't Go On // Sveta

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Can't Go On // Sveta

Post by Clara Oswald on Thu Aug 22, 2013 1:23 pm

Clara Oswald ran home, her shoes slamming horribly on the ground as she did. Her heels were clicking against the pavement on a massive scale, and tears were pouring down the brunette's face. Her hands fumbled in her bag, grabbing her key as she ran into the apartment block. She dragged herself (her pace still quick but not running any more.) up the stairs and finally she got to her apartment. Letting a sob escape her lips, she fumbled with the key until finally she got it into the lock. It seemed to take all of her energy but finally she got the key to turn and she pushed the door open. She threw her key and her bag away, and they landed beside the sofa. She stepped into her flat properly and let the door slam shut behind her. Makeup was running all over Clara's face, her hair was messed up and she felt (and sorta looked) bedraggled.

For the first couple hours, Clara couldn't do anything. She'd only just managed to drag herself to the sofa before she fell onto it and cried and cried and cried. Her eyes were sore, her hair was frizzy and more messed up than before, and her makeup looked worse. She was lying on the sofa, curled up in a ball, still wearing her evening outfit, shoes and all. The smile that usually brightened Clara's face, the mysterious and sometimes flirty eyes...all of that was gone, and the look on her face now made it seem like they weren't ever going to come back. She wrapped her arms around herself, her sobs from before having resided by now. Silent tears were still falling down her face, though. She'd thought she could forget...how the ruddy hell had she ever imagined that? Moving on wasn't going to be easy...and plus she hadn't even told any of her friends yet!

Finally, after around two whole and long hours of just lying there, Clara shifted herself. She reached for her landline phone. Once she had it, she settled back into her lying down position and dialed a number she knew really well. She put the phone to her ear, breathing in and out shallowly. She wasn't ready to talk but she had to. Clara Oswald could not hold her feelings, her rants...she couldn't bottle her feelings up and hold them in any more. There was only one person she wanted to talk to right now...and that person could hopefully help her. Clara licked her lips, and she said only four words into the phone when it was answered. "Sveta... I need you." those words left her lips and Clara couldn't help but sob a tiny bit as they did. She was finally going to actually talk to someone...and it was scary.

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