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What a Mess // Svetlana

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What a Mess // Svetlana

Post by Alex Ryleigh on Thu Aug 29, 2013 8:48 pm

A heavy sigh left Alexandra's lips as she shut the door to her ambulance after she parked the truck in the garage next to the HQ-building. Taking a deep breath through her nose, Alex instantly crincled it. She should really take a shower as soon as she was done here. "Too bad Shelly's sick..." she thought as she walked around the truck and then opened the two doors in the back.

Her usual partner Shelly Franklin had called in sick this morning, so Alex was forced to take the trainee along on her jobs. From what she saw so far, she seemed to be a nice girl, but watching her in the field, she hadn't had the stones for it. Sometimes it came with practice, but Alex didn't think that the trainee chose the right job and when she was going to be asked to give a statement, she would tell the boss so. She never had a habbit of lying and they couldn't use someone who would stand frozen in one place at the scene of an accident, when they were supposed to help.

Looking into the back of her truck, the brunette sighed again. It was a mess. The last patient they had, was a druggie, who made a habbit of throwing up all over the place. It was such a mess to clean up. Alex had done most of it when they arrived at the hospital and waited for the papers to sign, but it still smelled badly. The trainee didn't have the stomach to clean the mess up, so Alex sent her inside when they arrived and decided to do it herself. She was used to work like that, but it still made her feel sick.

She swallowed hard and went to get what she needed to clean the mess up. Alex was on her back, when another ambulance came back from a call...
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